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Rise above bullying

The mission of the You Will Rise Project is to provide a multimedia showcase for people of all ages who have been bullied to share their stories through the arts. Submissions can include visual art (paintings, drawings, sculptures, videos, etc.) as well as poetry, song lyrics, short stories, or other creative expressions that best capture their personal experiences. The You Will Rise Project asks only that contributors be truthful and real. No corrections or alterations will be made to the works that are posted on the site.

By giving visitors the opportunity to view these creative works, we hope to educate, instill pride, generate positive feedback, and provide online resources - all for the purposes of supporting, inspiring creative productivity, fostering respect for cultural and sexual diversity, and improving the quality of life for those who have been or are currently being bullied.

The You Will Rise Project was started by Linda Regula and Paul Richmond, two artists who were bullied as kids and who now use their visual voices to speak out about this horrific issue.

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